How to Breakthrough on Today’s Top Trending IT Trends!


How to Breakthrough on Today’s Top Trending IT Trends!

All news is created equal, but what makes a newsworthy item one that deserve our attention when it breaks, rather than another, is a multi-layered criteria. Anything that could change the course of human events and behaviour is going to be newsworthy. Anything that could affect the future course of human events and behaviour is going to be newsworthy. The key is to understand that this phrase is used to describe an event or occurrence, rather than a prediction or outlook on any particular thing or persons. Any event, situation, piece of news, with a specified time range starting with today, tomorrow, or a combination thereof is going to qualify as news.

The first criterion is that it has to be of interest to the reader. All news items have at least some degree of interest to those who are reading or hearing about it, but that interest needs to be widespread. Today’s hottest IT spot may interest only a few people today, tomorrow it will interest hundreds, even thousands, and the day after that it will still have a wide readership. All events have this characteristic, whether they are news or otherwise.

Secondly, the news must be of an ongoing nature. A report, for example, about a major natural disaster, which may end up generating huge national media coverage and thus breaking news, must itself have some degree of continuing interest. Whether it concerns a new scientific discovery, or an economic recession, a report will always have both long term and short term importance. This applies to news items that have had some recent significance, and also to those that have been around for some time.

Thirdly, the item must have a clearly defined subject or theme. A story about a new film or new song, for instance, will have elements of entertainment and gossip value; but a story on the latest NSA spying will likely have far more significance as an event. A news item that does not have an identifiable point of view, or which is largely irrelevant, will have very little chance of breaking into the wide readership of today’s internet and email. In contrast, a story that engages some significant topic and then spends some time detailing the facts of that topic will have a much better chance.

Fourthly, there has to be some real data to support the breaking news report. Just because it is fast and easy does not mean that it should be totally without merit. For instance, if the report indicates that a new virus has just been discovered, it does not necessarily mean that a computerized virus will cause the downfall of the human race. On the other hand, if someone is making threatening remarks about their ex-wife online, they do have a legitimate claim to want to take legal action. If the story involves crimes, the details need to be verified.

Finally, there has to be a way for the reader to follow along with the story. Too many newspapers today have very complicated and difficult sections that are not user friendly. Even though everyone knows that they should always read the complete story before deciding to follow up on a story, many publications still struggle with this concept. They have complicated sub-sections and even an online version of the story online that makes it hard to know what the end result will be. Today’s internet offers a number of useful ways for readers to follow along, including news blogging. In a world where so much information flows through our global web connections, breaking news stories need to be simplified and easier to follow!