News Coverage for the Next Two Years

News headlines are everywhere, but what really gets to your mind when you read it? News headlines seem to jump out at you with little explanation. It may be that you read a news story about a car accident and the next thing you know you are reading about new baby products on the supermarket shelves. Other examples of news headlines are sentence examples. Here are some examples:

George Clooney and Katie Holmes are dating. This news headline caught me off guard. I hadn’t even considered them being married before. It just didn’t make any sense. This is another example of someone’s life being blown up in the media because of something they did or said months or even years ago.

The first sentence in this news article says: “The pair are dating.” The second sentence is: “They are dating, but they are not yet officially married.” Both sentences are true. If you don’t want to jump to conclusions, you’ll take the time to really think about which one describes the couple more accurately. The news article is about a couple of newlyweds who haven’t even been legally wed yet. So, the news isn’t reporting that they are officially married until the courts have ordered that to be done.

A major topic of discussion during the news today was the Las Vegas shooting. There were a number of different opinions expressed on the broadcast tv stations. Some people thought the shooting was a good thing while others thought it was an un-needed tragedy. When you are reading a news article about the latest developments in a public controversy, you can draw your own conclusions.

A good way to get an idea of what topics are covered by your local tv stations is to look at their broadcast schedule for the past year or so. If there are numerous stories that have been covered in various segments over that period of time, then they probably cover that topic on a regular basis. This is not the case if the station has numerous stories about various other topics that are not quite as high profile. If you look at the schedule, you should be able to discern how often different stories are being covered.

It can also be helpful to follow the news throughout the year on your local TV or radio station. Many times it is very difficult to obtain information about breaking news on the internet. However, you can often listen to the broadcasts live and view the timeline of the unfolding event. Then, you can decide when the most important events occur and plan accordingly. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your weekend activities and outings for the next two years.