News Stories That Make Us Feel Different


News Stories That Make Us Feel Different

News is something that everyone has been busy watching and reading. It is present in all forms of communication including movies, radio, television, etc. That’s really the only way to explain how important it is to everyone. In this article I will give you a list of examples of news and how important it is to everyone.

An example of news making news is when the New York Times announces the winning candidate of a national race. For many people this is an exciting thing that makes news, however, for some people this is a disappointing thing. In this case examples of news include political stories which have probably not broken yet within the second week of an election, for instance the story about the Florida primary. Although many people consider the Florida primary very important it still does not make news because the primary was held over one month ago.

Examples of news stories that make news include animals breaking into homes. This can be news to many people because it is not always common for animals to break into homes. However, if you watch the nightly news during this time it may not be a new story. Many times criminals break into homes and make a lot of noise. This can be very disturbing to neighbors who wonder how a criminal could get inside a house.

Some examples of unusual and/or newsworthy things that makes news include celebrities death. Sometimes celebrities death will make news, but more often it will only be noted by the media. Other times a celebrity’s death will be news to friends and family. This is especially true when someone famous dies.

Another example of news making news can be when a person bites their tongue. This makes a person, especially a reporter, think about their personal impact on the world. If a reporter has to call a city and get a description of how the bite occurred they may use this to make a report about the bite. A local news anchor can add this information to the broadcast if they choose to do so.

These are just a few examples of news stories that make people feel a connection to the world and may affect them in some way. They may remember the news stories and have an effect on them. Whether or not a person watches the evening news or reads a newspaper there are many stories that make people think and feel. This type of news stories can add emotion to a person’s day.