Should You Use Live Dealers at Online Casinos?

In comparison to normal online casino games, live casino is generally played online with actual live dealers and is played in real-time. The only difference with online play is that there’s a much larger payout because of the reduced margin of human error. However, this does not mean that there are no risks involved at all. In this article I will try to explain how to play live poker and what to look for.

First of all, let me state that the two major types of live casinos are Internet Casinos and land-based Casinos. The most common mistake made by new online casinos is not to realise that they are using live dealers. The same applies for land-based Casinos. Both type of casinos have dealers who actually watch and bet on the game, so, it is important that you can interact with them as well!

Another difference is the pay-outs. In live casinos the payout is affected by the generosity of the dealer, whether he or she bets the full amount or a fraction. For instance, a generous dealer may offer to pay out more if a particular number of players have bet the maximum amount of the bet, so the player should request for such a deal. Another example would be where a certain number of players have bet the minimum amount, and the casino will pay out the same.

Now let’s come back to our question. How do we determine which is the better option – playing in real-time or live casino? In reality, it all boils down to one thing: Experience. When you have spent several months playing on an online casino, you start getting the hang of the system, betting patterns and when to bet and how much. A real casino experience helps you hone your skills and get more in-depth knowledge about how the games work, allowing you to make more informed decisions while placing your bets.

However, if you are just starting to play online, then you should probably stick to playing with a live dealer. One advantage of a live dealer is that they can give you advice on how to play your game, since they are basically there to make sure that you are having fun and not getting hit with a bad streak. However, if you are having a tough time making a decision while playing live casinos, then the odds are pretty stacked against you.

One way around this is to opt for video link betting. In short, with video link betting you can place your bets on live casinos but instead of actually going to Vegas; you can actually watch the video demonstration of the game you are betting on. This way, you can learn from what the live dealers are saying, get a good feel for how the game works, and still have all your bets won without going anywhere near Las Vegas!