Importance of News

News is the information about current affairs. This can be given through several mediums: print, broadcast, postal services, wire-service, television, or by the oral testimony of witnesses and anonymous observers. Some news items are repeated daily, while others get updated monthly. It is updated in line with the general trends of the society.

The objective of distributing news is to inform, educate and entertain the public. This is done by reporting current affairs and issues of concern. News carries relevant information that readers can use to perform a particular task. News items are distributed to popularize current affairs. They also help in the preparation of news stories and reports.

Everyone enjoys reading news but not all news is recent. News is basically the interpretation of current affairs in the broader perspective of the society. This means that news items are to be interpreted within the social, cultural and political context of today. For instance, if a story depicts the actions of a terrorist organization, then it will not be appropriate for broad circulation in the general news channels due to its violent content. Similarly, an article on politics would also not be appropriate for the publication of a newspaper where a layman would be able to understand the politics in a better manner.

Readers today have very few sources through which they can get up-to-date news. Television has the least number of sources through which it can provide news. Newspapers, radio, magazines and newscasts are the only remaining sources through which people get the latest news. This is why newspersons often opt for syndicated press and news broadcasts on their favorite channels on prime time. News is also distributed to cinemas through newsprint, books and news channels. News items also appear on roadside billboards, as well as public announcements.

With the rapid growth in globalization, information technology is developing at an alarming rate. Technological innovations enable people to gather and compile large sets of data quickly. They also give an up-to-the-minute glimpse of major events happening around the world. On the other hand, news items on the Internet are also increasing in popularity due to the low cost of accessing online news sites.

However, people must exercise care while choosing news channels. It is important to check if the news source is credible and dependable. Reliability of a news agency refers to its ability to deliver original news and information without any distortion. In order to know whether the source is reliable, it should at least have some experience in covering national, international and even international news items. Some of the reputed news agencies are Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Financial Times, AP and Bloomberg.