NBC News Blots Out Latest Israeli Casualty Claims With Zero Emory; MSM blackout!

News has been defined in various ways by several experts. Some of these definitions are mentioned below: The definition of news is anything outside the normal. It is a report which presents some real-life facts in a brief and generalized form. It is not a true depiction of reality. News is what people talk about; basically, the more it appeals to the public the better its importance. No matter what the subject is, any story that has legs and can be told has already been “news”.

Now, just for the sake of discussion let’s say that the current Iraq war is not really news. I’m sure that most people have their own opinions on this subject, and they will express it, but it is not news. How so? Well, the number of deaths and wounded are indeed newsworthy, but it is not really “news” per se. This war is going on for months now, and it is definitely getting worse, but in the grand scheme of things, it is only a very minor story. For example, if you were to take down all the world media reporters today, and ask them to give an overview of what they felt was happening around the world, it would take months to get a decent overview, much less a comprehensive one.

Another big media story that is not considered newsworthy is NSA surveillance. If you read all the newspaper and watch all the TV newscasts, you’ll find that almost nothing about NSA surveillance is considered newsworthy. You’ll hear many commentators chiding the Obama administration for “gutting” the US intelligence community and stating that we live in a “free world.” Well, maybe not exactly “free,” but there is no doubt that the US government does not want the American people to know what it is doing under the umbrella of what they call “national security.” That is basically their rationale for keeping it so secret that they need a media outlet to publish this stuff.

You see, the fact that no one seems to be able to get any news out about this stuff is not really surprising. The fact that the major networks are totally clueless as to why this is even an issue is even more understandable. Why didn’t these companies consult the American people before they gave away all of our information to the media? I mean, isn’t that what the American public expected? Don’t they realize that we are in a “democracy?”

Well, perhaps they should have, but the truth is that they didn’t. No one consulted with the American people before they gave away all of our information; the only thing that the news outlets actually did was pass along the already-prepared news bites from various sources. In other words, the news media is nothing more than stenographers for the major news networks. They simply regurgitate whatever the corporate-sponsored propaganda machine wants us to hear at any given moment.

That’s not what news is all about, anyway. In fact, there is an entire industry devoted to bringing you real news from around the world, and you’ve probably heard of it, though you may not realize it. It’s called journalists, and they are most often very good at what they do. But in reality, news is something completely different, something that actually benefits us. Not only do we need it to survive, but we also need it to thrive.