News From The Office – An Inverted Pyramid Review

With the advent of winter and more people looking to invest money into precious metals like gold and silver, Newschool Investors Daily recently published an article entitled “Are Gold Prices Starting to Make Sense After Christmas? “, which discussed the lack of growth experienced by gold in the past year. The news, unfortunately, is not all good as some educators and investment advisors point out. The bad news, for those seeking a silver lining, is this brief loss came in late December and not early January.

The article starts with an introduction to Naylor’s News, a respected educational/advisory newsletter that has been available for decades. The article is a nice little overview of Naylor’s vision for Newschool Investors and shares some of his philosophy about investing. The news article offers up some interesting facts and data that lead the reader to wonder if Newschool Investors is really a worthy enterprise. For example, did you know that the value of gold is on the rise and did you know that even after a record loss in December, gold prices were on a slight rebound in January.

The Naylor’s News article, however, goes on to discuss the benefits of a volatile market. The author then turns his attention to the current global economy and discusses how volatile it has been recently. Newschoolers and parents are encouraged to consider Newschool Investors caution when investing, especially with stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The news article also mentions that the Nasdaq is often used for trading purposes and is not meant to be a replacement for the NYSE.

The writer then dives into the benefits of a free-market system where individuals and corporations are allowed to invest in the marketplace and have the profits and losses subtracted from their net worth. He discusses how investors use newspapers, television, and Internet outlets to obtain breaking news stories and then applies the same concepts he mentions with his newsletter to investing in gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. This is truly an innovative way to analyze news stories based on factual information rather than opinion or bias. News outlets that he refers to in his Newsletters include Fox News, CNN, CBS, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Investor’s Business Daily.

The writer makes a good point in his Newsletters by bringing up the notion of journalism as a form of social commentary. He also points out that unlike traditional forms of journalism, news reporting has changed drastically due to the internet, which provides instant access to breaking news stories from around the world, around the clock. News reporting has also changed due to the fact that newspapers have decided to embrace multimedia as a news source and this has allowed for more multimedia features in news stories. The inverted pyramid concept the author describes is very similar to the work of videographers and photographers in that they need to have a large group of people to help them get images and footage that are eye catching and informative.

Newsgathering for a newspaper can be as much a time consuming and painstaking process as watching a news story on the TV. The writer gives you insight into this process and also touches on some interesting issues that he believes the reader will find fascinating. He presents a new perspective on journalism and one that will make you think about the ways in which we cover important events and issues through the lens of a human interest story.