News Sources And Their Usages


News Sources And Their Usages

News, to most people, is something that they ignore or laugh off as a waste of time. Examples of such news include stories that are broadcast on TV and radio. The news that we hear, read, see and hear every day in radio, television and even the Internet is known as “newscasting.” But what is new in the news? Is it really news?

Some may say that all news is made-up, just to make one more rich and famous and others would disagree, especially when it gets personal impact. Still others would say that news helps inform and educate people about current affairs and other world issues. One could argue that whatever the purpose of the press is, it is still only a tool to inform readers about whatever is happening, be it political, business, entertainment, sports events and whatever else are taking place in the public arena.

What makes newsworthy, whatever readers’ opinion, are the events or happenings in the headlines. Such news story are made popular by big newspapers and other media sources through news reporting, feature stories, breaking news and controversy. These are all ways for news media outlets to make readers aware of current events that they might not otherwise be aware of.

Other forms of news stories are made popular by the writer or reporter who created it. A good example of this is a feature story that appears in a newspaper. The reporter puts together information from many sources and brings it to light in the form of a short story. This kind of story, especially a news story with a strong human interest angle, can have an unexpected effect on readers, encouraging them to look into the story and perhaps become more interested in it than they would have been otherwise.

There is also another form of news story that appears in many newspapers. It’s called an obituary. An obituary is simply a news story that highlights a person’s entire life, including his or her achievements, accomplishments, awards, honors, etc., in brief. Because an obituary is usually very short, it’s easy for readers to get a quick idea of the person’s life and what is notable about him or her.

While all newspapers and other news media sources have their own particular style, they all generally serve to inform readers about current events. However, some newspapers tend to focus more on the colorful side of life while others tend to be more serious. What kind of general topic of an article can cover depends entirely on the editor. Many newer newspapers, for example, tend to focus on providing a more current take on whatever topical issue is current at any given time. Readers will likely be more interested in such a newspaper because it’s current.