Types of News Sources in the US

News today is all around us and is therefore a very important part of our everyday living. The word “news” has various meanings depending on who is saying it and in what context. It can be news to the politicians, media personalities, sports figures, or just a simple story about an event that has taken place. News is considered real time, current, or topical, depending on what particular media is reporting it.

Definition of news. (verb) The unbiased, non-biased news reporting of a public interest. Also known as news-biased or news-sourced. (usually cap.) The information provided in any given news reporting is really necessary and can play a huge part in shaping and molding public opinion, particularly any upcoming major events that may affect the general populace and the direction their country may head in.

News from the newspapers is one of the most well-known forms of news and reporting. A well-written newspaper story or a front page article can easily influence and shape the views and opinions of millions of people throughout the world. Any form of news that can influence public opinion is considered newsworthy and should be widely publicized. A well-written newspaper story or news feature article can actually have a profound effect on the public and its views of an issue and/or government policy or actions.

There are many news outlets, both national and local, in the US. The most popular and well-respected among them are the major print newspapers including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. But there are many other smaller but equally-well-liked newspapers that publish a variety of news stories throughout the week.

Another news source that is considered important by many in the US is television stations. Most television stations are owned by huge corporations and therefore are not under the strict control of the democratic governments. Consequently, the corporate-owned media can sometimes be more biased than the other types of news sources. Television stations, however, provide a very different form of news source. They primarily serve as news providers to the general public and are not ruled by any censorship body.

As previously mentioned, newspapers provide a unique and reliable form of news and information. But another type of news media that is now becoming more popular in the US is the online news media. Online newspapers have been particularly successful since the internet allows for more and greater freedom in terms of reporting. There is no editorial guidelines to determine what should be reported and what should not. In fact, there is very little regulation of what is reported on the internet since it is not seen as a printed medium.