What Are The Effects of News Coverage?

You may have heard the saying, “The World is Watching,” but what exactly is that phrase referring to? Is it a metaphor for how things are going in the world today or is it simply another way of saying that the world is being watched? The answer is both. A news report can be an example of both, as well as a news event that are recent and are occurring right now.

Examples of News. All news events fall into this category, along with examples of journalism, such as local news stations and major network television news broadcasts. Examples of recent events would include terrorist attacks, political events, stock market crashes, sports accidents, and natural disasters. Examples of historical events would include World War II, the Gulf War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

editorializing and commenting on the news source. News sources, like all other forms of journalism, do not carry every story ever reported, so some news sources do not provide much of a news value, while other news sources will focus on breaking stories and feature stories that get worldwide coverage. Many newspapers publish editorials and commentaries daily, while other news sources like television news broadcasts will only occasionally publish such content. Some websites also focus on editorializing about the news, with opinions chiming in from time to time.

Commercialization and Influence. Commercialization refers to the tendency of publications to focus on advertising and pushing advertising instead of editorializing and calling attention to the importance of the news. While newspapers still do advertise, they tend to focus on national and global advertising instead of local advertising, which can cause problems in financially difficult times for newspapers. This can lead to less community participation and support for local newspapers, contributing to lessened news interest and reduced community involvement.

Commercialization and influence also make sensationalist or competitive journalism practices more common. This may not be as widespread as it is in the news industry elsewhere, but it has been noted at several publications, with some cases drawing serious backlash against the news sources involved. Some newspapers have introduced more responsible and professional business models to better satisfy their communities.

Impact and Influence. All major news agencies are owned by corporations, which have significant financial power through advertisements, influence, and business models. As a result of these and other factors, the news coverage in newspapers can have an effect on the lives of everyone who reads the news and the businesses and industries that rely on those newspapers for their livelihood.