What Makes News?


What Makes News?

A good way to keep people informed and up to date is through news. News is an example of how a society expresses itself. News is spread by newspapers, television and radio and on the internet. Examples of news are a wedding announcement, where couples announce their engagement in a family gathering.

Another example is the New York Times, which makes news by writing about unexpected events from all over the world. A good example is when President George W. Bush announced a new program to help with the uninsured after Hurricane Katrina. This helped many Americans receive some healthcare assistance that they had been unable to previously. In this case, a well-known journalist took the time to inform readers, rather than just a reporter trying to sell a newspaper.

Many people may also read news stories to know about world politics, religion, natural disasters or crime. News can be entertaining, informative or it may affect the economy. The information provided may affect how many people vote, how prices are raised or lowered, who should govern certain countries, or even how individuals react to a disaster or other major event.

There are many examples of how people make news. A major event may make headlines for weeks or even months. A natural disaster or other major occurrence that affects many lives can also make news stories. This is because large populations gather to watch, learn and react to these types of occurrences.

News is important to modern society. Most people have access to the internet, television or radio, so it is likely that they get the news at least once a day. With the advent of smartphones, news can be shared with the public in other ways as well. Whether it is reading a recent event’s blog, watching highlights of major current events on YouTube or watching a comedian’s routine on television, news means different things to different people.

News has many different purposes, and some readers and listeners prefer certain types of news over others. Readers are more likely to remember stories that are funny, serious or even tragic. However, some stories make great favorites among readers, which makes news appealing to almost everyone. Even listeners prefer some kinds of news, so some radio stations play music that some listeners enjoy, like a song that is related to the news or another one that is not so common.